PRODI G 2018


  • For junior golfers,two new lightweight Hoofer Prodi G bags are custom designed and right sized to fit their needs at 34″ high and 30″ high. Both have four pockets, a four-way top, and easy-adjusting padded straps that make walking comfortable.



  • 4-Way Reinforced Top : Clubs are well-protected and less prone to bunching in a top engineered to give your gear generous space.High-impact polypropylene construction and anti-flex walls provide solid support.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads : Keep comfortable beneath easy-adjusting shoulder pads integrated with SensorCool Technology.The smooth-sliding strap connector allows you to carry with a single strap or backpack style while staying well balanced.
  • Cart-Strap Channel : When securing the Hoofer bag onto a cart,keep all 12 pockets free using this PING innovation,a cart strap pass-thru channel that slides behind the pockets to keep them accessible.
  • New Strap Connector : A new strap connector makes slipping the bag on and off a smooth, simple operation.Its ergonomic design works with the front-adjusting shoulder pads to keep the bag feeling light and balanced.
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