The NEST  from MARUEI is made from 100% cotton by choosing many soft, long fibers woven together. Thus making you feel more comfortable and happy after bathing time.

  • Collection : ​Chris Mestdagh x Imabari
  • Cloth material : Cotton 100%
  • Size : Bath Sheet 93 x 200 cm, Shower Towel 73 x 140 cm, Hand Towel 45 x 90 cm
  • Color : Yellow, Blue
  • Produced and imported from Japan.


Care instructions

About Imabari Towels
Towels have been manufactured in Imabari for more than
120 years. Imabari produces towels for daily use, as well as towel fabrics for fashion, employing a combination of traditional and cutting-edge technologies. The region is blessed with ideal conditions for bleaching and dyeing fabrics. Thanks to the clear water, Imabari Towels are soft to the touch and boast vibrant colors. Our goal is to produce towels that are both environmentally friendly and gentle on people.

  • How to treat
    1. All quality towels may lint at first. We suggest using a mesh laundry bag to protect them when placed in the washing machine.
    2. Do not wash deep-toned towels with white laundry. Since wet towels may transfer colors, please hang them to dry soon, preferably in the shade.
    3. Please avoid the usage of bleaching or whitening agents because they may cause unevenness or fading.
    4. Before hanging your towel, please shake it several times to remove excess lint and make the pile fluffy again.
    5. Clip any pulled terry with scissors so your towel will always look neat.

Towels are made of cotton, which is a natural material.
You can use them for a long time if you wash and handle them with care.

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