• The hugely successful S-THREE has undergone a transition as part of the SS23 collection, with the model benefitting from an innovative redesign.



  • This includes an updated upper which provides premium comfort in a sleek aesthetic. Additionally, the S-THREE now features an updated tongue that is thinner, lighter, and more fitted to the wearer’s foot.
  • The latest breakthrough in direct injection innovation, ZONAL FLUIDFORM™ TECHNOLOGY creates a moulded midsole with three  distinct zones of softness to ensure the right balance of cushioning and stability exactly where it’s needed.
  • Polyurethane midsole with three different zones feature differing levels of rigidity
    • Zone 1 : Comfort: Heel of the midsole is engineered for medium softness to ensure cushioning and comfort
    • Zone 2 : Stability: Middle part of the midsole is more firm to deliver outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing. It and works like a shank avoiding forces shifting the material sideways
    • Zone 3 : Flexibility: Forefront of the midsole comes with high level of softness for walking comfort and flex
  • The heel of the midsole is engineered for medium softness to ensure the right amount of cushioning and comfort, while the central part of the midsole has higher levels of rigidity to deliver outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing. The forefront of the midsole comes with the highest level of softness for exceptional walking comfort.
  • Finally, the S-THREE will now feature X-TENSA Invisible technology.
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